Change the way you look at your desktop. Get carefully crafted, bright and clean icon-theme for Linux.

Change the Look

Shadow is a flat icon-theme for gnome 3.10+. The icons have colourful circular base with long shadow.

As of version 4, it contains 980+ apps icon , 2200+ icons in total and counting.


Installation in straight forward.

From Github:

Download from

Activate the theme using tweak-tool or from command line:

  gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "Shadow"

Optional: Icon themes

Version 3 includes many new icons. Plus 5 gem themed places i.e. folder icons based on ruby, emerald, garnet, sapphire(default) and torquise beside a oldish square icons.

There is a python script named in the parent folder. Just run this as


and choose your desktop environment and colour theme.

Hope you will like it.

Whats New

Version 5.0

version 4.0

version 3.0

3 new colors for folders added. Users can choose from
ruby, emerald and sapphire colored themes for folder.

version 2.7

version 2.1.x

version 2.0.x

New Icon Request:

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want new icons to be themed.

Please raise icon request issue here. Don’t forget to add “Icon request” label.

How to request new icons

For faster creation of new files, kindly give me those information: If you are requesting icon foo, kindly send me foo.desktop file or atleast the Icon line from the file. If you have installed the package from your package manager, it should live on /usr/share/applications/foo.desktop. If you have installed it yourself, most likely, it will be either at /usr/local/applications/foo.desktop (if you have installed it with root) or ~/.local/share/applications/foo.desktop (if you have installed it without root).

Another very helpful thing will be providing me the default icon. You can just grab a screenshot with the icon visible and send it to me. But this is completely optional.

I will try my best to theme the icons ASAP.


Icon themed but does not appear

Most of the time, this is because, the corresponding desktop file has full path in icon name. like, for some app named Foo, the corresponding foo.desktop file (e.g. /usr/share/applications/foo.desktop) may look like:

[Desktop Entry]

This can not be themed. The workaround is to copy it to your ~/.local/share/applications/ and give the icon generic path like:

[Desktop Entry]

Coffee and Cookies

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If you really like the theme, please buy me a coffee using PayPal.

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