You write articles in peer reviewed journal, and your Downloads folder is usually a mess. Now manage your journals as you write it: from your BiBTeX.


Do it in standard Linux way:; make; sudo make install This will, by default, install the code in /usr/local/.


This code is build using python-3 and Gtk-3. So, you must have these two installed in your system. The python modules needed are few, and mostly comes bundled with standard python-3 installation; or you can install them using $sudo pip install <module>


An auxiliary code is given to install all the dependencies.

$ sudo bash ./

should install all the necessary python3 modules.

This application is build and tested in Gnu-Linux OS (Fedora); but, there is no Fedora or Linux specific libraries are used. So, It should be installed natively on any Gnu-Linux OS, supporting GTK-3 UX. If there is any problem, contact me.

Mac OS X

I have not tested it for Mac. But, mostly, you need GTK+ obtained and build(see, this). Theoretically, everything explained on Linux section should do it, once Gtk3 is installed.


There are multiple options to do create/manage BiBTeX files. 1. Create it manually by filling up the entry on the left panel. Type and BiBTeXKey is mandatory for this format. Then, press "Create Manually" button.

  1. You can paste a complete BiBTeX entry copied from somewhere else by clicking + sign -> Copy BiBTeX.

  2. You can create BiBTeX entry from internet. Your options are:

    1. doi of the article. The mandatory field is:
      • Extra III -> DOI
    2. Search Google Scholar1 or Crossref
      • The mandatory field is:
      • Author
        • Auxillary fields are:
      • Year
      • Title



The preferred way of contacting me is via github project page

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1 : Since Scholar does not provide any api, results from this method will open in the website. You have to get the bibtex from the site itself.