Periodic Table

A modern Periodic Table, with latest update from IUPAC.

It also contains utilities such as Vegards’s Law. Many other utilities are on its way.


There are two versions available:

After downloading “Periodic Table”, install it in standard Linux way:; make; sudo make install


This code is build using python-3 and Gtk-3. So, you must have these two installed in your system. The python modules needed are few, and mostly comes bundled with standard python-3 installation; or you can install them (e.g.(numpy, matplotlib)) using $sudo pip install <module>.


This application is build and tested in Gnu-Linux OS (Fedora); but, there is no Fedora or Linux specific libraries are used. So, It should be installed natively on any Gnu-Linux OS, supporting GTK-3 UX. If there is any problem, contact me.

Mac OS X

I have not tested it for Mac. But, mostly, you need GTK+ obtained and build(see, this).


This Periodic Table can be used in multiple way.


Properties of all the elements can be viewed simply by clicking into its name.

Vegards Law

Click on utilities -> Vegards Law to open up an window to put a binary alloy, as A50B50. It should work on ternary alloys too, but not tested. It also shows the variation of lattice parameters with fixed volume, helping the lattice parameter optimization.


Click on Utility->Plot-><choose> to plot standard atomic functionals like Atomic Radius, Van der Waals Radius etc.


The preferred way of contacting me is via github project page

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