1. Compositional Tuning of Magnetic Anisotropy of Ni2MnGa based system
    Contributed Talk in Magnetism 2015, University of Leeds
  2. Magnetic Anisotropy in MnBi
    Contributed Talk in Joint IMPRS/SFB Workshop on Nanoscience and -technology, 30th Sep-02nd Oct, 2013, MPI Halle
  3. Spin Glass phase in FeNiMo alloy
    Contributed Talk in NSMMNP,28th October,2010, Bose Institute, India
  4. ASR code and application in different binary alloys
    Young Physicists Colloquium, 2009 (YPC-2009), SINP, India


  1. Compositional tuning of magnetic anisotropy of a Ni2MnGa shape memory alloy
    CECAM/Psi-k Research Conference, February 1-5, 2015, Berlin, Germany
  2. Compositional tuning of magnetic anisotropy of a Ni-based shape memory alloy
    University of Bristol, 19-21th July,2014
  3. Study the magnetic anisotropy energy(MAE) of MnBi:
    University of Warwick, 13-15th July,2013
  4. Electronic structure of Co-phthalicyanine calculated by GGA+U and hybrid funcyional methods
    31st May,2011FM2011, Uppsala University, Sweden